Social networks and marketing

Marketing through social networks can be shortly defined as each company’s strategy which is focused on encouraging possible clienteles (target market) to commonly charitable and unrestricted exchange of info about a product or service, commented, like them, thus creating what the maximum amount of exposure to the promotional message by as soon as a larger number of potential buyers.

Marketing through social networks, with the advent of social networks, their growth, changed the way of communicating and addressing target markets. Marketing programs are transformed and directed with a view to its content, saying, design become the subject of voluntary mutual exchange of multiple users through social networks.

The benefit of marketing through community networks is that businesses / enterprises in a very short period of time can get feedback about their products, services, real-time and in the short term may include specific target groups. Marketing through social networks Key benefits include: oral traditions, two-way communication, the relatively small cost of campaigns and quick feedback.
Communication takes place one-on-one with your potential customers and thus the company the opportunity to come to a different marketing approach, from the classical one-way communication to a completely new dimension to two-way.

Marketing through social networks

According to research conducted at the global sample, Consumer Trust, published in the journal Brand Startegy, 78% of respondents said they believed the recommendations of others with regard to certain products or services more than any medium. Marketing through social networks Social networks have enabled numerous marketing activities:

The application of marketing by word of mouth (recommendations), market research, creating and testing the ideas, development of new products, improving customer relations (CRM), all forms of promotion and communication, generally all marketing activities, marketing through social networking benefits of marketing through social networks:

• Increasing familiarity with the product or brand
• Increase web traffic to their own sites and boosting e – commerce
• strengthen presence in search engines (Search Engine Optimization)
• strengthening the loyalty and trust of customers
• Successful launch new product.

It is important however to remember that the social network is rapidly transformed beyond, growth and decay (MySpace), and that each social network requires specific marketing techniques in order to “pull” the greatest benefit from itself. Access to Twitter is not the same as Facebook, as well as access to You Tube is different from Facebook.

Besides the Internet, comes another new revolution, with the advent of smart phones. Smartphones and mobile applications enable users to your profile on social network always carry with them. What is the strength of this market by the fact that deals with smart phones about 400 million copies, while allowing the Internet to download additional 50 billion different applications. These figures speak about the power of a new era of marketing that has already begun.

Time and ideas are essential elements for any type of promotion. Advertising on the Internet is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations. Digital marketing is a fast, cheap and efficient, so we recommend it to all our customers.